UX – Teach your users how to use properly your webthing

Very inspired by Modelo mental and this amazing video here.

How Google taught me use it properly!

I always use Google.com as a tool for an uncountable things! And I always use the advanced search, mainly for search only over the last week. This feature (I mean Advanced Search) used to be at the home page.

However right now, there is no such link on google home page. (or at least in my browser for the last weeks). But the google guys also used to put this feature link on the top’s search page, as the bellow image.

And now there is no this link there too, this feature link was moved to the lower part of result list page. That’s okay, at the first sigh I thought they could facing performance issues with more and more users using this kind of search. But man they are the Google.com they face and win perforamance challenges.

What was really interesting about this place changing feature links, was I “discovery” that google already provide a side bar links to search only on last X age. I learn that looking for the advanced search. This is what I call the masterpiece of UX, I learn a new feature just by using it naturally.

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