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Now it’s official, I’m working on ThoughtWorks – a global IT consultancy which focuses on agile software development, has contributed to a range of open source products, including CruiseControl, NUnit 2.0, and Selenium. My last work was at Sefaz-GO, a government agency which mainly takes care of state tax system. I left too many friends there but this opportunity cames to me and I need to move on, I mean, literally move, from GYN to POA, that’s the worst part to me. Soon I’ll posting more about this new position in my career. Ohhh and like any new thing on life, I have my hopes: increase my knowledge, to know more cultures, apply agile with some of the creators and learn with amazing twkrs. And all this started around four months ago. I’m happy! 😀

For those are feeling lost please read thoughtworks at Brazil  and remember we’re continue hiring people.

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